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Sunday, November 26, 2006

London, England (Union Chapel)

1. (It's Good) To Be Free
2. Talk Tonight
3. Fade Away
4. Cast No Shadow
5. The Importance Of Being Idle
6. Listen Up
7. Half The World Away
8. Wonderwall
9. Whatever
10. Slide Away
11. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Don't Look Back In Anger
13. Married With Children

Noel Gallagher
Gem Archer
Terry Kirkbride

The Sun
Victoria Newton

SOME gigs are so special you’ll never forget them – when the artist, venue, crowd and music just click.

NOEL GALLAGHER’S was just that.

On Sunday he gave one of the most polished, awe-inspiring performances I’ve ever experienced – in front of a small, 400-strong audience of Oasis diehards.

The star strummed, snarled and wise-cracked his way through 13 tracks made up of 12 Oasis classics and a brilliant cover of THE BEATLES’ Strawberry Fields Forever.

The crowd at the Mencap charity gig – held in the unusual surroundings of a church – enjoyed brief sets by two-piece Scouse band SHACK and chart-toppers KASABIAN before Noel took to the stage.

First off was (It’s Good) To Be Free, then Talk Tonight, Fade Away and Cast No Shadow, which Noel described as: “Polished that, weren’t it?”

The Importance Of Being Idle came next, then Listen Up, Half The World Away and Wonderwall.

After Slide Away – which he dedicated to girlfriend SARA MACDONALD – he launched into Strawberry Fields Forever, at the end of which the entire crowd stood applauding for more than 30 seconds.

Halfway through the set, Noel spoke for the first time about Pestlife beating Oasis to No1. He told fans: “If ever you needed proof that there isn’t a God, it’s Westlife getting the No1.”

And his mum Peggy would be horrified he used the C-word in the Lord’s house.

The night came to an end with Don’t Look Back In Anger then Married With Children.

Noel closed by thanking guests and hailing Kasabian as the greatest band in England then apologised in advance to any fans he failed to sign autographs for later because he would be “too a*******d” to do it.

A top caner, a top man and a top performer.

The Independent - 5/5
Ben Walsh

"What possesses someone to do that?" asked Noel Gallagher after a heckler pleaded for "Wonderwall" early on. "It's not for another 25 minutes yet." The bushy-browed boy from Burnage and the brain of Oasis was in a generous mood for this intimate acoustic gig in aid of Mencap.

The 500-strong crowd, most of whom had obtained their tickets at a Mencap auction, were made up of the faithful. And the infamously bolshie Mancunian was in no mood to upset them. This was a sensational set of Oasis songs with none of the dross and only one letdown, a cover of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields". Kasabian, a "surprise" support act and Gallagher's current "favourite band", fared better with their Fab Four choice, "I'm So Tired".

Gallagher, sporting his trademark black leather jacket and a worryingly Russell Brand-like scarf, kicked off with the inauspicious B-side "It's Good To Be Free". But it was clear that his voice would suit this chamber-music venue. To confirm this, his second number, "Talk Tonight", was gorgeous. This was the perfect venue for Gallagher's more plaintive material, and he was ably backed up by Oasis's Gem Archer on keyboards and rhythm guitar, and the mysterious Terry on drums. They weren't missing their Molotov cocktail of a lead singer.

NME recently dubbed Gallagher "the wisest man in rock". And as time passes and the memories of him sharing bubbly with Tony Blair fade into the ether, the more this iconic Britpop figure grows on you. The formerly belligerent rocker, 40 next year, has cut out the drugs and the bile and has morphed into a witty elder statesman. Another heckler screamed for him to "go on", and Noel's response was suitably dry, "Yes, I am going on. That's what I'm actually doing."

And he went on to belt out a wonderful "Cast No Shadow" and a melancholy "Half the World Away". He then played "Wonderwall", the only time that Liam was missed. Noel's voice doesn't suit this song - he lacks his brother's distinctive drawl. But he made up for it with the equally anthemic "Whatever", which he claimed to play "in the style of Bob Dylan". It came across like Dylan's "I Want You" and had the audience gleefully chanting the lyrics.

But the highlight was "Slide Away". This Definitely Maybe track evokes an acute feeling of nostalgia for Oasis. It recalls a time when they seemed (and it's hard to fathom now) capable of emulating anyone. So, a thrilling night, and perhaps a solo future for Gallagher?


Noel Gallagher brought the church down during the Mencap 'Little Noise Sessions' gig at the Union Chapel in London on Sunday, despite Oasis losing their album chart battle to Westlife.

Cheers and chants of "No-el, No-el, No-el," greeted the Oasis frontman to the stage and he was was in a playful mood for most of the evening, joking with a crowd member who kept shouting requests at the stage: "I'll give a thousand pounds to Mencap if you'll keep your mouth shut for 20 minutes."

The heckler didn't which resulted in Noel shaking his head and sighing: "You couldn't do it could ya? You couldn't even do it for the little kiddies!"

The crowd, which included Russell Brand amongst its famous faces, were treated to a collection of Oasis classics including 'Don't Look Back in Anger, Cast No Shadow and a heavily re-worked Wonderwall.

His band's greatest hits album may not have topped the charts but Noel didn't look at all bitter and also treated fans to Beatles track 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and a Bob Dylan-style rendition of 'Whatever'.

The venue, a still functioning church, must have thought it had received the second congregation of the Sunday as the crowd nodded, sang, cheered and shouted through a wonderful hour.
In support were Noel's mates Kasabian. The Leicester boys' stripped back set inlcluded a guitar, a bongo and a snare.

The boys covered The Beatles 'I'm So Tired' and concluded with a rabble rousing performance of 'LSF' which had the 500-strong crowd on their feet, banging and chanting along.


Noel Gallagher played a unique intimate gig in London tonight (November 26).

Oasis' leader staged an acoustic show at the Union Chapel in Islington as part of the Little Noises Sessions for charity Mencap.

Performing in front of his smallest UK audience for years, Gallagher backed by bandmate Gem Archer on guitar and a percussionist, played a mixture of acoustic B-sides and album tracks adapted for the evening.

Arriving on stage to chants of "Noel! Noel" before opener '(It's Good To Be) Free', the guitarist charmed with both his musical performance and his between song banter.

With the likes of 'Cast No Shadow', 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger' among the highlights, Gallagher also let the small crowd know his feelings after Oasis' 'Stop The Clocks' was beaten to the Number One slot in the UK Album Charts by Westlife tonight."Did someone say Westlife?" he asked the audience. "That goes to prove there is no God!"

However realising he was in a chapel he addressed the almighty saying: "You may strike me down if you wish, but it's true!"

With the set including a cover of The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever', Gallagher also paid tribute to Bob Dylan.

Introducing single 'Whatever', a track Oasis have not played live in the UK in some while, the guitarist explained he had based his new acoustic version of the song the legend's style, before blending it with the rhythm from 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'.

"I haven't played this next song in what... two weeks," he joked referring to a recent acoustic show in Los Angeles. "But as for you lot you haven't heard in ages. I'm going to do it in the style of Bob Dylan!"

Earlier support had come from Shack and Kasabian.

The Liverpool band played a pretty set including the likes of 'As Long As I've Got You' and 'Queen Matilda'.

Meanwhile despite the stripped down set-up, Kasabian were at their rabble-rousing best including 'British Legion', 'The Doberman' and Beatles cover 'I'm So Tired' in their set, before getting the whole of the Union Chapel on their feet for closer 'LSF'.

Daily Mirror
Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

IT'S not often Noel Gallagher is lost for words. But that's what happened when fans at his solo gig on Sunday night requested a tune by his chart rivals Westlife.

A bemused-looking Noel responded to the unusual chants from the crowd, joking: "Did someone say Westlife? That proves there's no God."

And realising that he was playing in Islington's Union Chapel, he added: "Strike me down if you like, but it's true."

Noel could do with some divine intervention since he lost out to the Oirish crooners in the battle for top spot in the album charts.

And his fine, low-key show for Mencap's Little Noise Sessions was certainly heaven-sent. Playing in front of a small (for Oasis) audience of 500 with bandmate Gem Archer on guitar, Noel delivered a storming set.

Highlights included (It's Good To Be) Free, Talk Tonight, Half The World Away and Slide Away. There was even room for a brilliant cover of the Beatles' Strawberry Fields.

Noel finally declared: "If anyone asks for my autograph later and I ignore you, I'm sorry. It's probably because I'm completely a***holed." Too much Cigarettes and Alcohol.

All songs with the exception of Listen Up, Whatever and Strawberry Fields Forever were broadcast on Channel 4 on the 16th December 2006.




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