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Friday, December 03, 1999

Philadelphia, PA, USA (PA First Union Center)

1. Cigarettes & Alcohol
2. Supersonic
3. Wonderwall
4. Champagne Supernova
5. Helter Skelter

Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
Gem Archer
Andy Bell
Alan White

The Sun
Dan Wakeford

SUPERGROUP Oasis are back and their storming set in Philadelphia shows they are back to their brilliant best. It was the band's first live performance with their new line-up and they wowed the 15,000-strong crowd at the Y-100 festival with five great hits.

New boys Gem and Andy slotted in perfectly and Liam's voice was better than ever as he opened the show with the classic Cigarettes And Alcohol followed by Supersonic.

But the biggest hit was Wonderwall - and their ecstatic American fans sang along. Liam was the ultimate showman - flirting with the crowd and chatting between songs. But he left the stage after Champagne Supernova, giving Noel and the new lads a chance to shine. And they did, showing the full potential of the new line-up with the final track - a blinding performance of The Beatles' Helter Skelter.

Oasis outshone the other acts, including Foo Fighters, Moby, and Beck.


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