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Monday, April 24, 2000

Columbus, OH, USA (Palace Theater)

1. Fuckin' In The Bushes
2. Go Let It Out
3. Who Feels Love?
4. Supersonic
5. Shakermaker
6. Acquiesce
7. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
8. Gas Panic!
9. Roll With It
10. Stand By Me
11. Wonderwall
12. Cigarettes & Alcohol
13. Don't Look Back In Anger
14. Live Forever
15. Hey Hey, My My
16. Helter Skelter
17. Rock 'n' Roll Star

Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
Gem Archer
Andy Bell
Alan White

The Lantern
Jessica Faller

British pop gods Oasis rocked the Palace Theatre Monday night, opening their set with “Go Let it Out.” Fans stood and cheered the entire show as the Gallagher Brothers rocked on their intense guitar-focused pop classics.

The big question of the night, would the music be as cocky as Liam Gallagher’s swagger? The answer, of course, an emphatic yes. Liam pointed fingers at fans, antagonizing the crowd into a fit of rage and happiness. He nonchalantly leaned against the speakers along the side of the stage, as if shaking his tambourine required too much effort for the lanky British lad.

Liam took center stage with his song-writing brother Noel Gallagher to the right. Noel kept a calm and intent focus on his pink Telecaster guitar the entire night. He rarely lifted his head but to say “thank you” to the screaming crowd, while his brother egged them on.

The set list for the evening seemed to be a best-of-Oasis compilation of hits including, “Supersonic,” “Shakermaker,” “Roll with It,” and “Cigarettes and Alcohol.” An on-stage jam session followed which kept the girls dancing and the boys’ heads bobbing. The band played a select few from the new album, titled “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” including, “Go Let it Out,” and “Gas Panic.”

Noel’s psychedelic 1960s melodies, reminiscent of the Beatles and the Stone Roses, drew a crowd of all ages. Older Beatles fans, the mods, the frat boys and even a mom or two with her pre-adolescent daughters were in attendance. Noel’s confessional pop ballads such as, “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” “Wonderwall,” and “Live Forever,” also were big favorites with the crowd.

Oasis has been compared to almost every band in the music industry, but their biggest comparison and influence, is to the Beatles. The band has been called the Beatles of the ’90s, and Beatles’ fans have either loved or hated them for the comparison. Oasis paid tribute to their idols by showing images of Strawberry Fields and John Lennon in a New York City T-shirt during “Who Feels the Love?” and by covering the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” during their encore.

They also played Neil Young’s “Hey, Hey, My, My (Into the Black),” with Noel naming it one of the best songs of the ’60s. Noel sang the two covers and Liam joined his brother for their last song of the night, “Rock and Roll Star,” where Liam gave his towel, tambourine and set list to an excited girl in the front row.

Oasis played last Friday in Akron, where not much differed from the show in Columbus. The set list and lighting show were exactly the same with spotlights and colored strobes flashing the name of the band across the stage and audience. The only change was Liam’s brash egocentrism.

The crowd in Akron seemed more packed in towards the stage and more obnoxious, throwing plastic bottles and laughing at Liam’s mumbling British nonsense. Not once did Liam or Noel thank the audience for their applause. They kept their between-song banter to a minimum, merely naming the songs as they went.

Liam seemed to be in better spirits Monday night, thanking the audience repeatedly and making witty rock star comments between songs. He ended the night with swooping arm gestures, saying in his distinct British accent, “This is our last song. If you have a problem with it, come on!”

Opening for Oasis was Travis, a breathtaking band from Scotland which has recently moved to England. Topping charts in the U.K. with their newest album “The Man Who,” Travis is winning over fans with live shows in the United States. With heart-wrenching ballads and beautiful pop songs, Fran Healy and crew have a bright future ahead. Look for their headlining tour to start immediately after the Oasis tour ends.