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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Benicassim, Spain (Benicassim Festival)

1. Fuckin' In The Bushes
2. Turn Up The Sun
3. Lyla
4. Bring It On Down
5. Morning Glory
6. Cigarettes & Alcohol
7. The Importance Of Being Idle
8. A Bell Will Ring
9. Live Forever
10. The Meaning Of Soul
11. Mucky Fingers
12. Champagne Supernova
13. Rock 'n' Roll Star
14. Wonderwall
15. Don't Look Back In Anger
16. My Generation

Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
Gem Archer
Andy Bell
Zak Starkey

The Star Online
Muriel Brachet

Forget Britain’s rainy Glastonbury fest, thousands swamped the recent Spanish rock festival Benicassim, a fast-growing event that attracted major names through the doors.

Oasis whipped thousands of fans into a frenzy as they brought the curtain down on the 11th edition of the Benicassim music festival on Spain’s east coast on Monday, but US college rock groups shared the accolades as new names also wowed the youthful hordes.

Benicassim’s reputation may not yet have travelled quite as wide as that of Glastonbury in southern England, where Coldplay, the White Stripes, Brian Wilson and company had them jiving in the traditional mud and the rain earlier this summer.

Yet if the Spanish equivalent has been around for 25 years less, it has been making up for lost time – this year boosted by not just a raft of top names but an invasion of about 8,000 British and Irish fans.

For Brian, a young Irishman enjoying the sounds along with three friends, “the atmosphere is better” than many other festivals, including Ireland’s own Oxygen, notwithstanding the appearance there last month of the likes of Green Day and Foo Fighters.

Not just a better ambiance, he said, waving an Irish tricolour, but, perhaps crucially: “Here they clean the toilets...”

In addition, “there’s the beach, the sea, the sun ... and the girls.”

But to the extent that it’s about the music the 114,000 Benicassim festival-goers who thronged the event over four days can hardly complain.

Five years on from a first visit – albeit on that occasion with singer Liam but without guitarist Noel Gallagher owing to one of their brotherly tiffs – Oasis gave fans a rousing selection of tracks from their acclaimed new album Don’t Believe The Truth.

They also threw in a few other favourites such as Supernova and Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.

“Be nice to the people here,” Noel Gallagher requested of the thousands of British and Irish visitors who came close to outnumbering their hosts.

The Leicester-based British electro-rockers of Kasabian also delighted fans after a rock and bluesy set by Australian vocalist Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds had also fallen on fertile listening ground featuring extracts from their recent double album Abattoir Blues/the Lyre of Orpheus, as well as classics, such as The Weeping Song and From Her to Eternity.

The Cure had already got the event off to a raucous start last Friday before a host of other acts, including Britain’s Kaiser Chiefs, The Raveonnettes from Denmark and New York’s Radio 4 took up the baton.

A surprise bonus was provided by appearances by the 1980s US indie group Dinosaur Jr and the recently re-formed The Lemonheads, injecting a healthy dose of college rock into the proceedings.

Singer-guitarist Jay Mascis, 39, said earlier this year that Dinosaur Jr were getting back together with 1980s sounds back in vogue, teaming up once again with Lou Barlow on bass and Patrick “Murph” Murphy on the drums.

Having started out in 1985, the band surfed a post-punk but pre-grunge wave featuring strange noise twists and catchy melodies.

Their 1987 oeuvre You’re Living All Over Me, thrust them into the limelight and they remained there with the release of Bug and its hit Freak Scene the following year.

Mascis and Barlow then branched out, Barlow founding the Indie group Sebadoh and Mascis concentrating on Dinosaur Jr.

Murph meanwhile linked up with The Lemonheads of Boston-born Evan Dando, Ben Deily and Jesse Peretz, who started off in 1986 producing their own blend of pop-cum-punk before Indie label Taang! brought out the albums Hate Your Friends (1987), Creator (1988) and Lick (1989), which featured a reprise of Suzanne Vega’s hit Luka. Their Benicassim appearance served to showcase them afresh.

Next year’s festival was set to be brought forward a fortnight to the third weekend in July, a move which has found favour with local authorities and mayor Manuel Llorca, according to the co-organisers, brothers Jose and Miguel Moran.